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We will dive deep and perform comprehensive marketing research and analysis of your firm: your ethos, your identity, and your culture, as well as your weaknesses, your strengths, any threats and every opportunity! We will help you identify what makes your firm unique and set a marketing strategy that achieves your goals. From consolidating your national position to promoting international growth, our advice is always clear, actionable and effective.

Recommended for: This service is ideal for law firms that don’t have a marketing department and are looking to grow with quality.

This service includes:


  • Marketing research
  • Internal and external analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Actionable marketing plan


This service has two steps. In step one, we will take the time to understand your law firm and will develop a full brand identity package: logos, typography, colours, brand manual, all of it is included. We will also develop a website that perfectly matches your brand identity.

The second step will see us developing your digital presence. We will create a full digital marketing strategy, taking stock of what you have done so far and improving it. We will identify the most suitable channels for your law firm, set measurable targets and manage your online presence, including on social media.

This service includes:


  • Branding
  • Digital strategy
  • Website development
  • Social media management

Recommended for: This service is ideal for law firms who understand that first impressions are lasting impressions. 


We will audit, develop and execute your firm’s marketing communications strategy. We will cover all your communications needs: press releases, digital content, bids and proposals, printed materials, internal and external communications. All in line with your firm’s identity and always on-brand.

This service includes:


  • Content marketing
  • Press releases
  • Bids and proposals
  • Internal communications

Recommended for: This service is recommended for firms that want to make sure their communications reflect their corporate identity and culture. 


Our workshops focus on LinkedIn as a powerful business development and marketing tool. These sessions are aimed at law firms and lawyers who want to make full use of LinkedIn’s opportunities for connection and promotion.

1. LinkedIn for law firms

This workshop will help you set up your law firm’s LinkedIn strategy and provide actionable tips on how to grow your firm’s exposure on the platform.

Topics covered: setting up a company page; describing your firm and services; content creation; engagement and algorithm-beating techniques; and how to develop a culture that promotes lead generation and brand awareness via the platform.

Duration: 1hr + Q&A

2. LinkedIn for lawyers

This workshop will do a deep dive on how to communicate and engage potential leads through Linkedin.

Topics covered: how to set up an all-star profile; how to grow your network with quality; how to make the LinkedIn algorithm work in your favour to generate leads and position yourself as an authority in your field.

Duration: 1hr + Q&A