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A year after the buy-in, how is Chambers doing?

By 7 May 2019July 14th, 2021Insights, Legal Directories

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to spend some time with Matt Phillips, Commercial Director at Chambers and Partners. We spoke about Chambers new projects, products and events. It was a very interesting chat, so I am going to share some of the highlights of this conversation with you.

Chambers now


Chambers was acquired in a management buy-in led by CEO Mark Wyatt, supported by Inflexion Private Equity, in March 2018. Chambers is the largest legal data analytics and ranking company in the world with over 230 dedicated research analysts speaking 23 languages. This is at least five times more researchers than its competitors.

Chambers has unique people power and has been heavily investing in developing its highly-skilled staff.

Its website is the most responsive it has ever been, and it has improved its user experience considerably in the past few months. Its domain is now simply and the firms’ profiles are more visible and easier to read.

Chambers soon


Acknowledging the importance of field presence, Chambers is opening two new offices in two of the countries that are most engaged with the company: the USA and Brazil. A New York office is on course to open in June and one in São Paulo shortly thereafter. There is still confidentiality as to the specific work that will be developed in their foreign offices, however, it is expected that the research will remain in the London office.

Digital footprint and data protection investment


Chambers will be digital first by the end of 2019. As the legal data analytics firm that focuses the most on client feedback, Chambers deeply values its interactions with interviewees. The company is conscious of the sensitive nature of the information it handles and is thus investing heavily in data security to safeguard clients and lawyer’s personal data and other critical information handled by the company.



Chambers has been expanding its events calendar and is preparing to make it even busier this year. It now holds awards for different jurisdictions and practice areas, as well as diversity awards. On top of that, there are the editors’ receptions events and the most recent addition to its host of events – the Chambers Forums. The forums were extremely successful last year and are on course to be even bigger this year. They are an excellent opportunity for firms to network, strengthen their brands and learn more about the legal market in several different jurisdictions.

Further opportunities for law firms


Innovation has been a hot topic for Chambers. The company will be developing new products and ways for firms to make the most of their rankings. As of now, Chambers offers ranked firms the opportunity to expand their profiles with a subscription. It also offers practice guides and online chapter overviews. But there is certainly a lot more to come.

As you can see, Chambers is doing extremely well and is more interested than ever to expand its business and help clients find the best lawyers to suit their needs.