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Latin Lawyer Explained

By 3 April 2020July 22nd, 2021Insights, Legal Directories

Latin Lawyer is a well-respected legal publication, one of the most widely read in Latin America, featuring only the very best law firms in the region. 10 out of 10 law firms would like to appear in it.

So, to help you achieve a ranking by this reputable publication, I have compiled the 5 most important things you need to know about the Latin Lawyer:


1. They are specialists in the Latin American market

Latin Lawyer is a specialist publication focused on the Latin American legal market. As well as producing valuable articles and reporting legal news about partner moves, deals and everything in between, it also publishes two yearly qualitative benchmarking guides about the law firms in the region: Latin Lawyer 250 and Latin Lawyer National.


2. Your law firm should keep in touch with Latin Lawyer throughout the year

In order for Latin Lawyer to be able to produce its high-quality content, it performs thorough independent market research, but it also encourages law firms to regularly send information about deals, partner moves and relevant work they have been doing during the year. Such information is published on Latin Lawyer’s website and also sent over to the subscribers of their daily newsletter.


3. The Latin Lawyer 250 is not an invitation-only list

Firms that sent their news and information during the year will have more chances to be included, as they will have been ‘seen’ by the publication. It, therefore, tends to feature the largest, full-service firms. Law firms can also send applications throughout the year. Applications will be reviewed during the second semester. Any firm under consideration at that point will be invited to supply a list of client referees. Successful entrants to Latin Lawyer 250 will be notified towards the end of the year.


4. Latin Lawyer National is a new, broader benchmarking guide

It was launched in 2019, with the intention of expanding and complimenting the existing coverage of Latin Lawyer 250. The list currently only covers the region’s largest economies (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru). It includes law firms of all sizes and offers wider geographical coverage, mapping, for example, law firms that do relevant work but are based outside the main business hubs of each country.

Law firms that are listed in the 250 list can be (and, in many cases, are) featured on this list too. In order to be considered for inclusion in the Latin Lawyer National, your firm should send a submission and a list of client referees. The deadline for new entrants is 13th March (so, hurry up!). For 2020, Latin Lawyer National will add more countries: Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Uruguay. These rankings are then published in August.


5. The Latin Lawyer is also responsible for the LACCA publication

LACCA stands for Latin American Corporate Counsel Association and is affiliated with Latin Lawyer. It brings together leading in-house counsel working in the region, affording them the opportunity to network, interact and share ideas and best practices with their peers.

LACCA Approved is a yearly list of the best private practice lawyers in Latin America as voted for by its high-profile members. It also holds annual awards ceremonies to celebrate the lawyers working on the most interesting cases of the region.

Now you know more about the Latin Lawyer, you can start working on your news and submissions for 2020.

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